«Her baby is always with her»: Rihanna does not leave a 10-month-old son even during night photo shoots

She admitted that she and her boyfriend refused the services of a nanny.

35-year-old Rihanna is currently expecting a second child from the boyfriend A$AP Rocky.

In an interview with reporters, the celebrity admitted that they and boyfriend refused the services of a nanny.

«The first days were just pure madness. You are not asleep. Yes, at this first time all parents are more like a zombie», artist said.

But at the same time, according to RiRi herself, she really liked everything that happened to her.

The other day, journalists captured Rihanna, engaged in a long photo shoot.

According to journalists, the photo shoot began on March 29 and lasted until the evening of March 30. Throughout this time, RiRi did not part with the baby.

According to the pictures of the paparazzi, it is noticeable that the baby was tired and fell asleep right in the arms of his mother. Apparently, Rihanna’s best friend Melissa helped to care for the baby, she was captured next to the artist.

«Rihanna became very cute and touching after she gave birth to a child», «this is how the everyday life of a working mother», «is it really A$AP Rocky will not be able to look after the baby? Or is he busy too? »-Internet users discuss the pictures of the paparazzi.

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