«Fans fascinated by her outfit»: beautiful Zendaya conquered the whole world at an event in India

Almost all the attention on the red carpet was focused on her.

The other day in India, a rather loud show was held by the Dior pre-autumn collection, created together with the Chanakya School of Crafts in Mumbai.

And although Zendaya could not be attended the show, later she arrived at the solemn event in honor of the opening of the cultural center of the Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Center.

For the event, the actress chose an amazing dress from Rahul Mishra. And we want to highlight one of the most rarely used combinations of red-carpet blue and gold.

The hem of the skirt was embroidered with numerous colors and patterns. And she herself looked like a night sky with sparkling stars. All this was supplemented by the golden bodice.

Zendaya made a careless hairstyle. And to the very image, two gold bracelets and small groove earrings were added.

It is also known that the event was attended by the lover of Zendaya Tom Holland.

Recently, rumors appeared on the Web that the actor had already made an offer to the chosen one. And they engaged.

However, there was no confirmation from the star pair.

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