«Fans did not like his act»: Gerard Piqué left his youngest son in the store and scolded the eldest son

Gerard gave the haters a few more reasons for comments.

The scandal with his ex-wife Shakira left a large spot on the reputation of the Spanish football player.

Some fans of Gerard Piqué were already disappointed in it after news about treason appeared on the Web.

And now everyone, even the smallest, misconduct of the athlete is stiffly criticized. It seems that no achievement can restore his good name yet.

A video appeared on the network in which he harshly scolds his eldest son Milan in front of 90 thousand people. In the frames, the father screams at the heir and does not even let the boy explain himself.

While Shakira was in the hospital with her mother, Gerard spent time with the children and walked in the center of Barcelona.

But as soon as he sat in the place of the driver, he found that only Milan was sitting in the car. Fortunately, the youngest, meanwhile, was looking for his father and brother and was already nearby.

In general, Gerard definitely needs to change something in your life.

Paparazzi can constantly watch him, maybe take advantage of this to earn respect again?

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