«She was born with the Dalmatian syndrome»: this is how the birthmarks helped her to become a model

Such a case happened with the English model Cheryl Shaw.

In a 33-year-old resident of the Birmingham metropolis from birth, the whole body is covered with numerous huge spots.

Before school, the girl did not feel any discomfort. But here, it seems, everything has changed. The girl began to actively tease. She was nicknamed Dalmatian and Tigress. She was very afraid. The show has become an unchanging object of jokes.

Because of this, she is often depressed. She never swam in the pool and never wore short dresses. The British grew a rather closed personality. The show was embarrassed by her appearance and did not want to wander the streets.

This went on until last year. Last summer, Cheryl went on vacation. But she could not find an image to her liking. After that, Cheryl noticed rather steep shorts in the online store. The British did not dare for a long time but still ordered.

Having overcome her own fears, the show went to the beach in new shorts. To her surprise, she found that in fact no one was looking at her askance and does not avoid her. Cheryl turned to a large number of brands that wanted to star in advertising.

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