Here’s what the kitten did in the house of the guy who took him from the shelter

The kitten became very attached to his owner from the very first day they met.

This young man took the kitten from the shelter. He really fell in love with the animal and dedicated him all 24 hours a day.

«We took this kitty with her sister from the Philadelphia Society for the Protection of Animals. The babies were three months old. I fed them with milk and small pieces of cookies.

The boy stayed with me, and his sister went to live in my friend’s house. My Butters lost mother too early, now I will replace her», says the guy.

The kitten became very attached to his mistress from the first day of dating. «He loves me very much and constantly rushes into my arms. This is a very affectionate cat! », added the guy.

Two hours later, after the cat arrived in his new house, he rushed to hug his master! These two are very happy that they met each other!

«Butters became very attached to me. I am very glad that I took these kittens».

Butters again in the case … jump back to the owner to hug him well.

«I am very glad that this cute cat has become my friend!»

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