«Angelina Jolie’s mother is also beautiful»: this is who needs to be thanked for the appearance of the actress

Angelina Jolie’s mother conquered the whole world like the actress herself.

Angelina Jolie began to conquer a universal heart in 1983, for the first time receiving a role in the film «In Search of a Way Out», where she starred with her parents. She did not want to forgive her father for a long time, because he left the family and divorced her.

For a long time, the actress did not talk to him, actor Jon Voight. Only after many years, the actress managed to overcome herself and meet her father.

After the divorce of the marriage, Mancheline moved to New York, she had to forget about her career and devote herself to the upbringing of 2 babies. According to Jolie, she always forced her to dye her hair black because she liked it stupidly. The mother of the actress died in 2007.

Not suspecting everything between them, about all scandals, disagreements, etc., she very painfully experienced this loss. Angelina says she was very lucky that she left for her mother’s house. «Sometimes, when I look at myself in the mirror, I remember my mother, who was so similar to me. Right now, I seem to feel a connection, as if I am it.

However, I understand that I get older and my appearance also changes, but it does not bother me at all».

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