Unexpected reaction of the owl fell into a trap when a kind person came to rescue

This incident happened while the man was at a golf game in Austin, Texas.

The golf player Craig Loving found and saved an owl. The reaction of the night predator was not quite the way Craig expected.

The incident occurred when a man played golf in Austin, Texas.

The man noticed an owl sitting on a stump sticking out of a pond. Then, approaching closer, Craig realized that the owl was stuck and probably sat there for quite some time.

It turned out that a fishing line fell into the wing of the bird. Extremely, people see and even more so in contact with the owl, as this is a very cautious bird that usually does not let the person to himself.

Slowly approaching the bird, Craig felt a strong excitement. But, to his great surprise, the owl remained calm, as if she knew that the man just wanted to help her.

After Craig cut off the fishing line from the wing, the owl remained in its place, apparently, unable to fly after repeated and unsuccessful attempts to free himself.

She continued to click with her beak as if trying to say: «Hey, I don’t like it at all! Therefore, I decided to chat a little with her», said Craig.

Then Craig took a small shovel to carefully raise and take the animal to land. After a few seconds, the owl straightened her wings and flew to the wild.


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