The woman felt very bad and what this heroic dog did is simply unrealistic

The woman quarreled with her husband and decided to take a ride in the car.

On that day, the woman quarreled with her husband and decided to ride a car, diving air, calm her nerves and put her thoughts in order.

The woman accelerated quite a lot and lost control at the next turn. The car flew into the ditch, and the Shannon itself was thrown through the rear window directly onto the trunk.

Shannon lost consciousness. Due to the fact that the car was too far from the road, none of the passers-by noticed the woman bleeding.

It seemed that this was all, and for Shannon, this day would be the last. But soon the woman woke up, and the first thing she saw was a huge dog.

When she came into consciousness, she thought that she would die until I realized that someone else was next to her …

Shannon did not have time to panic when the dog, which she later called the hero, began to lick her face.

But the story does not end there. After the hero licked all the blood from Shannon’s face, he began to drag her to the road. The dog carefully dragged her about 40 meters until she was near the road so that passing cars could see her.

Thanks to the dog, people noticed her and took her to the hospital.

«He saved my life without any special training. Just think how many lives he can save with the help of dog training», Shannon says, adding: «I told him that he will always be my hero».

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