Kitten was born on the street and was lonely but hoped that he would meet good and caring people

He received only leftovers that helped him survive in the harsh reality.

The kitten continued to live in the open air; He endured heat and cold, rain and snow, but dreamed only of care and human warmth, about a gentle touch and a loving friend.

And he received only the remnants that helped him survive in severe reality.

But on one of the long difficult days, luck finally smiled at the kitten. A kind woman was walking along the street, who also works in a local zoo protection organization, and saw a kitten.

She immediately picked him up on the street and carried him home. Heated, fed, and then turned to the veterinarians for help in the full restoration of the baby’s health.

The kitten was provided with qualified medical care and eliminated fleas and worms. He began to eat well and finally found his soft and warm personal bed, which he could only dream of on cold nights on the street.

Now he is surrounded by love and care, he has his place. He is always full and clean, and most importantly, found such a desired good and loving family.

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