«How can she live with this weight?»: a 16-year-old girl with an unusual appearance weighs 20 kilograms

She has become a hot topic on social media due to her unusual appearance.

The fear that she can break, pushes many from her. Of course, everyone has their own beauty standards, but the parameters of this girl were delighted even by her compatriots.

The girl’s name is a stranger, and this is almost all the information about the «doll» since the girl herself prefers to keep silent about where she comes from and what she is doing.

She admitted to her subscribers that she achieved such results thanks to a special diet, as a result of which, in addition to honey and pollen, eats nothing. Currently, its weight does not exceed twenty kilograms.

However, especially attentive noted that in places in the photographs, a «floating» salon is visible, which indicates the use of digital processing. And the eyes seem abnormally large. Maybe her figure is the sound of successful mastery of Photoshop, not a diet?

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