«How beautifully he changed his house»: a creative man turned his house into a jungle

He spent £20,000 to fill his house with greenery.

34-year-old Johnny Balchandani admits that he spent £ 20,000 to landscape his house. In the house of Johnny with five bedrooms in Castlemorton, not far from Malvern, there are at least 3,000 plants bought from all over the world. One rare variegated plant of monstera adansoni cost Johnny 850 pounds.

Johnny, whose main work is the marketing director, said that his passion is from childhood: «When I grew up, my mother planted many street and indoor plants. She was fond of gardening, so nature has always surrounded me».

Now Johnny is landscaping his own house. «The corridor and two rooms are now filled with plants to the edges», he says. Johnny’s partner Charlotte, 33, and their children Phoenix (age 3) and Talula (age 2) live in their mini-jungle. Johnny does not plan to abandon his habit of buying herbs, even if the vines begin to occupy his own living space.

Fortunately, Charlotte is calm about plants. However, she admits that at first Johnny’s collection made a stunning impression on her. And Johnny himself hopes to continue to collect his collection and someday transfer it to his children. «The collection costs a lot of money, and I can’t take care of it forever, so I would like my children to share my passion», he says. As for the beloved plant in his collection, Johnny believes that this is a rare ghostly orchid from Florida.

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