«They became moms at an old age»: here are the wonderful women who gave birth to sweet babies

These ladies became mothers at an advanced age.

Unfortunately, there are women who do not give birth to cubs in their youth. They seem to be deprived of the opportunity to enjoy motherhood. But among them, there are those who fight to the end.

Iliescu worked as a teacher all her life. At 66, she decides to give birth to a child. She received Eco.

Well, Eliza was born a completely healthy girl. The girl grew up and became smart and beautiful. Adrian herself took care of her baby but recently said that she had found a good tutor for her.

The Indian husband and wife have dreamed of becoming parents all their life but did not achieve this. And only at the age of 70, Omkara told her husband the long-awaited news.

These people became parents in old age, taking part in the IVF program. After 9 months, a charming boy was born.

D. Kaur dreamed of becoming a mother all her life but achieved this only at 72 years old. She admits that her husband was even ready to adopt the baby, but she did not want to. The couple admit that they were not ready for this, and now they are trying their best to cope with the baby.

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