The cute cat sitting on the threshold thought that kind and caring people would feed him

Apparently, the cat walked, focusing only on the smell of food.

This cat once went to the threshold of the house. The woman who lived nearby saw that the cat had no ears.

This woman is called Isabelle, she lives in Montreal, Canada. Isabelle was so worried about the cat that she could not leave him on the street without her attention. She realized that a cat should urgently be taken to a veterinary clinic.

The woman managed to find out that this is a homeless street cat, which has been walking along the streets for more than a year.

A veterinary examination showed that the cat is about seven years old, and he has many parasites, scars, fleas and infections, and teeth problems.

The veterinarian prescribed a course of treatment with antibiotics.

Kota was called Hansik. It took three months of treatment to put the cat on his feet.

When he got into the shelter, he was wary of people, but over time he became more sociable and gullible. The cat was very affectionate and tender.

Now the cat is in a temporary family for overexposure. He very quickly adapted to a new atmosphere and always purrs when they are stroked.

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