«The 3-year-old boy became a child prodigy»: a little boy surprised everyone with his level of IQ

Specialists warned his parents that the boy might be intellectually retarded.

A little more than three years ago, Sarah Lundberg of Portland, Oregon, gave birth to premature twins, a daughter Gwendolyn, and a son Lawson.

The girl was fine, but the boy did not: he had to be placed in the department for premature babies, where he spent several weeks.

Gwendolyn developed normally, while Lawson really lagged behind in the first two years of life. However, suddenly an amazing change-Sarah, she noticed that Lawson, who had barely spoken, began to develop an accelerated pace and quickly overtook her sister.

«Suddenly, he began to jump, learn the words that we did not even say to him, and the concepts that we did not teach him», Sarah said.

His vocabulary continues to grow, and his interest in studying is simply amazing. The boy’s parents decided to try to write down their son in the famous international intellectual elite club Mensa, which unites people with the highest IQ from around the world.

The introductory test showed that with a minimum threshold of IQ of 130, necessary for admission to Mensa, the level of IQ of the three-year-old Lawson is 151 points (for comparison, the IQ of the adult Albert Einstein was from 160 to 180 points). In fact, Lawson’s IQ can be even higher, just a test developed for babies of his age turned out to be too simple for the boy, Sarah explained. This is really incredible, right?

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