On a rainy day, a good woman saw a cat on the threshold and gave her a stroller for her child

The ginger cat sat on the stairs and cried with bitter tears and sobbed desperately.

Once, returning home, Maria Shakhrai heard crying from afar. Going closer, she saw a poor animal.

Maria decided to help the unfortunate animal.

Approaching him, she was able to determine that it was a small cat no older than three months. It was also impossible to leave her to freeze.

Therefore, she decided to put the cat in a baby stroller, which she kept at the entrance near her apartment. She also brought the poor thing food so as not to leave the animal hungry.

The cat looked well-groomed, and it was immediately clear that it was home, not wandering. Therefore, Maria suggested that she was lost and began to look for her owners.

But on the printed announcement, no one ever called.

Maria visited the cat several times, and in the evening she realized that it was getting colder on the street, and even in a stroller cat would still be cold at night. Then she decided to take a chance and took the cat into the apartment.

What do you think? Would you take a cat to your home in a similar situation?

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