«Her appearance was the reason for the mockery»: the girl grew up and proved to everyone that she is beautiful

Thanks to her atypical appearance that the girl became a sought-after model.

Recently, people with unusual appearance are increasingly appearing in the fashion industry. For example, Anastasia Zhidkova is an albino with snow-white hair, eyelashes, and eyebrows. It was thanks to her atypical appearance that the girl became a demanded model and conquered the catwalks of different countries.

She has a fascinating beauty that distinguishes it from the crowd and surprises her with its uniqueness. But this was not always the case, since in adolescence Nastya was an outcast and wanted to become like everyone else. The 23-year-old Muscovite with an extraordinary appearance has become a demanded model.

Anastasia was born with albinism, because of which her hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes have no color. At school, she was shy about her unusual appearance, and other babies tried in every possible way to offend her. But then model agencies drew attention to her, and the deficiency became a highlight and a ticket to a new life.

Now Anastasia has graduated from the Faculty of Law and has become a popular model. She signed a long-term contract with a prestigious agency and is constantly participating in creative projects. The girl says that due to albinism she is very sensitive to the sun and is forced to wear contact lenses and use sunscreen all year round.

Otherwise, a genetic disease does not cause inconvenience and does not interfere with the model to live a full life. Anastasia proved that in our time, people with unique appearance cannot hide their gift and demonstrate it to everyone.

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