«He himself could not believe his eyes»: this purposeful guy was able to lose 154 kg for the wedding

He could get rid of obesity, by working hard on himself.

Once a young man named John decided to lose weight to 130 kg. At that time, his weight was about 245 kg. This is real obesity, which he himself could get rid of, by working hard on himself.

John was still small when his parents divorced. He began to eat his stress. In adolescence, he already weighed a lot, and in adulthood, his weight became a real condemnation-he suffered from obesity.

The guy did not think about how to lose weight. His girlfriend loved him as he was, and did not try to change him. She never hinted at excess weight or directed her thoughts or actions. She loved only him.

However, the guy made an offer to his girlfriend and heard the cherished «yes». It was then that he decided to lose more than half of his weight to marry his beloved girl. He began to walk a lot, move, eat less fat, and drink a lot of natural freshly squeezed juices and a lot of water.

For six months, John saw on the scales the coveted number 91. This young man lost 154 kg. He could not believe his eyes.

It should be noted that John really fought, because he worked all this time, did not give himself a break, and did not fall, he did consciously. He had a goal, and he reached it.

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