«Unrealistically beautiful twins surprise»: this is how lovely girls look after 12 years

Seeing the girls, people from the modeling business became interested in them.

Twins are considered the most beautiful girls in our time. They have an unusual appearance. The mother of the girls Jaki noticed that her daughters have unsurpassed beauty. As Jacqui expected, photographs of her daughters became very popular on the network.

She was regularly written that the baby should try herself in the modeling business. After all, she wanted a normal childhood for her beloved babies.

Jacqui simply could not cope, since she had a two-year-old son, who also needed care and attention.

Realizing that the success of her daughters is not far off, Jacques immediately decided that the modeling career should not adversely affect their development.

Having sent photos of her daughters to various modeling agencies in Los Angeles, Jacqui clearly did not expect that she would be consented to almost everywhere.

So, the sisters signed contracts with two agencies at once, and mother, leaving her main work, became their manager. She continued to ensure that the girls receive normal education and regularly attend options, despite executions. Photo sessions of twins are usually held in the evening after school or on the weekend.

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