She was sure that she would let the kitten stay only one night, but everything changed

The cute tiny kitten looked at the woman with very mournful eyes.

Jane worked as a gloom in the cabin. A couple of weeks ago, a regular visitor brought his dog for a haircut and also brought a tiny red-white kitten.

The man picked up the kitten on the street and asked Jane to take care of him, he could not take him to him, as he suffered from allergies to cat hair.

A tiny animal looked at Jane with such plaintive eyes! How could you remain indifferent and abandon help?

The woman decided to check on the Internet: what if someone is already looking for this kitten?

But no one was looking for such an animal, and no one responded to the announcement that Jane posted. After work, she even drove to the place where her friend picked up a little purr, but no one was looking for him there.

Realizing that the cat has nowhere to put, Jane took him to her home. «But only one night: tomorrow I will definitely find its owners», she decided.

As soon as the kitten was in the house, he immediately fascinated all people. The daughter of Jane was an incredible delight with such beautiful fluffy!

Even the dog Edward made friends immediately and did not leave his ward for a minute. The cat, which lived in this family for a long time, also accepted the little «brother» and played with him with pleasure.

In general, the «newcomer» from the very first minutes of stay in this house harmoniously joined the family!

Jane realized that he would not look for the owners of the baby: he would stay there.

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