«Now it’s hard to recognize him»: the purposeful guy stopped drinking a lot of alcohol and went to the gym

He has noticeably changed both externally and internally.

Gentin Thomas realized that it was enough to poison his body with alcohol and harmful food. Therefore, he put himself in order and went to the gym.

Until 25 years old, the guy did not deny himself anything. He drank a lot of alcohol and did not think about diets. Gentin did not like her reflection in the mirror, and he was covered by self-doubt.

Gentin picks himself together and takes the path of weight loss. Instead, he went to the gym. The first time the guy came to the gym at night when there were practically no visitors.

In a few months, he managed to lose 25 kilograms. Now the guy counts calories and regularly goes to the gym.

People say that he looks 10 years younger. Gentin went a long way and became much more confident in himself. The guy said that he did not just sit on a diet, but changed his lifestyle. He likes the results, but this is not the limit. Now he needs to maintain a form and continue to improve.

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