«It is impossible not to recognize Robin Williams»: comedian whom people remember as Mrs. Doubtfire

He could be considered a master of reincarnation.

American actor Williams is remembered for the many roles played by him. In one of the films, he miraculously managed to come to a woman, Mrs. Doubtfire.

He could be considered a master of reincarnation, so successfully he showed people of different types.

Although he mainly embodied comedy characters, there were dramatic roles in his repertoire. So, in one of the films, he very successfully showed himself as a psychologist.

There are more than 300 roles on the account of this talented actor. For some roles, he was awarded high awards. But in life, he was not a happy person. This is evidenced by the fact that he voluntarily passed away at 63 years.

The actor was born in a wealthy family. But in childhood, he was lacking in attention from his parents.

Despite a successful career, and the recognition of the audience, he had addictions to prohibited substances. Most likely, this brought the actor to depression.

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