«Boy’s unusual appearance surprised people»: this is how he looks after 6 years

The color of the skin and hair of the boy is heterogeneous.

His name is Samuel Silva, like one famous Portuguese hyperrealist artist, but he was born in Brazil only in 2014. The unusualness of this black boy is that the color of his skin and hair is heterogeneous. And this is his hereditary grandmother in the maternal line and the mother herself, Niviavea Silva, was the same.

True, the doctors refused to recognize this as congenital, assured that unevenly colored spots on the skin appeared in women already in the process of growing up. But Silva is definitely from birth!

But unlike her grandmother and mother who have complex all their life because of their appearance, little Silva suddenly showed amazing business acumen, literally monetizing the features of his appearance: already at the age of two, he began to show the desire for fame and famous and began to strive for that To learn as many people as possible about her.

Castings, shooting for advertising and even in films-and the guy noticed that a whole fashion industry has already spun around him, associated with the features of his appearance.

And from the age of 4, Samuel began to build a career as a model, advertising popular clothing brands for fashion magazines. And on the catwalk, the young star feels as if he was born on him!

Now he is already six, and the model is known in all world fashion agencies, and Brazil, they even release dolls similar to him.

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