«Shakira seems to have a new boyfriend»: the star met mysterious love in Miami

Now she has another reason to settle in Miami as soon as possible.

The scandal associated with the separation of Shakira and Gerard Piqué, apparently, will subside in the very near future, in which many fans of the singer and former football player rejoice.

Recall that she wrote a very offensive diss, in which she insulted not only the ex-lover but also his newly chosen one, the relationship with which was started long before the athlete decided to leave the singer.

In response, Gerard did not say anything. He made a series of meaningful gestures, hinting that he loves Clara Chia and never plans to part with her.

The trading of the worship lasted several weeks and touched even Piqué’s mother. As the journalists found out, she helped her son hide a novel from Shakira, for which the latter disliked her.

But now the couple finally resolved all legal issues. And it seems that the noisy scandal came to naught by itself, as the singer plans to move to Miami.

The star has long decided to move to Florida. She remained in Barcelona exclusively for the sake of the athlete.

And now she, as the Spanish media reports, has another occasion to settle in Miami as soon as possible.

«The Colombian singer has a mysterious lover with whom she has been in touch for four months», the Spanish media write.

According to them, the couple met in Miami. There is no other information about the proposed boyfriend of the singer yet. But Shakira fans had no doubt that she would hardly be left alone for a long time.

Journalists insist that the star will arrive in Florida on April 1.

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