«New details of the scandalous novel»: Emily Ratajkowski seems to betray her friend

Journalists have already managed to ask what the ex-lover of the artist thinks.

The multimillion-dollar group of Harry Styles fans continues to actively discuss the hot shots that appeared in all world media.

The kiss between Emily Ratajkowski and Harry Styles discussed everything. And, of course, the journalists have already managed to ask what the ex-lover of artist Olivia Wilde thinks about this.

Sources close to the actress emphasized: «She wants to stay from this as far as possible. Now she has chosen another way for herself-and this mess there is no place in her new life».

They probably had in mind the fact that Olivia found a common language with her ex-husband Jason Sudeikis.

However, the reporters, apparently, for some time forgot that Wilde and Ratajkowski were extremely friendly at some point.

At first, they were seen together at the Harry Stiles concert. Secondly, not so long ago they posed nearby at the Oscars and talked throughout the party. And in an interview, Emily mentioned Olivia more than once, trying to protect the private life of the actress and her choice of partners.

Journalists of Page Six write: «This is a complete betrayal. And everyone understands this». «Ratajkowski begs Wilde for forgiveness», the source told reporters.

At the same time, according to the insider, Emily quickly realized her mistake. It seems that she did not plan a serious relationship with Harry, but simply wanted to have fun. Now, according to the sources, the couple no longer connects any romance.

Fans, however, are not surprising this state of affairs. In their opinion, there is nothing strange in that the endless adventures of Ratajkowski led to such consequences.

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