«Mogul at 92 has fallen in love»: The famous media tycoon announced his engagement and surprised everyone

92-year-old tycoon Murdoch announced his engagement to a musician’s widow

Here is the popular media tycoon (estimated at $17 billion) who has lately left the entire world speechless announcing his engagement to Ann. However surprising it might seem, it happened less than a year after his divorce from his wife.

The man proposed to his new chosen one on St. Patrick’s Day with a luxurious solitaire ring. The famous man is sure of his choice and is convinced that she is his last love since there is a mutual understanding between them.

Ann used to be a police chaplain and became the widow of Ch. Smith, a well-known musician.

According to her, Rupert’s love was a gift from God for her and the fact that they have the same interests and beliefs makes them inseparable. She added that her friends and relatives were also endlessly happy to learn such happy news.

It should be mentioned that the tycoon has six children, daughters Elizabeth, Prudence Macleod, and Grace. Among his sons are Lachlan, James, and Chloe.

What concerns his fiancée, she has been married twice.


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