Lonely gosling, seeing the farmer for the first time in his life thought that he was his mother

He considers the farmer the closest creature in the world.

This story is about a goose named Hazelyn. The owner of the bird asked to call him just Muhammad. He himself is not friends with computer technology, so his 12-year-old daughter takes pictures of the goose and laid out on social networks.

Heiselyn was born in the summer and, as in fairy tales, the first to see the farmer himself and decided that he was his mother. So they live together!

Initially, Hazelyn was a modest, but not ugly duckling.

The person had one goose that demolished the egg and began to hatch it. But then she suddenly disappeared, and after the searches for Mohammed came to the conclusion that she became a victim of a snake.

The man built an improvised incubator for the sake of a single egg! Mohammed helped Hazelyn to break the shell. It so happened that the first living creature that the newborn gosling saw was Mohammed-his mother.

In science, this is called imprinting, and such a phenomenon is actually not something unusual. Maybe Hazelyn does not consider the farmer to be a goose, but this is definitely the closest creature in the world!

He became the favorite of the whole family. Everyone loves a sweet bird and carefully cares about it. Look at these amazing photos of baby Hazelyn.

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