«From fat girl to a supermodel»: once people laughed at her but now she looks gorgeous

She now appreciates the beauty in her own reflection.

At 16, the woman decided to sit on a diet. Instead of a sandwich with tuna and noodles, Nilan chooses a tuna salad or pizza on toast.

Dinner previously consisted of pizza and spaghetti with mayonnaise-based sauces, and today she chooses low-calorie dishes. She managed to lose 16 kg in 8 months.

This motivated Nilan that continued to lose weight and gradually began to play sports. The woman claims that she feels «completely different» now that she has become heavier than 57 kg. Previously, she was shy, now she appreciates beauty in her own reflection.

Now she can wear everything she wants, and at the same time feel beautiful and comfortable. You must understand that this will take time and that you must change your lifestyle. The main goal should be to make the process pleasant at any time.

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