4 years later, this guy finally found his lost dog thanks to the efforts of the local shelter

The young man greatly missed his shaggy comrade and worried about him.

American Mike Plas lost his four-legged friend four years ago. And all this time the guy hoped that he would find his dog named Jack. Mike was very close to his dog. They often walked in nature; Jack never went far from the owner.

But once the dog suddenly ran towards the highway. After that, the guy did not see him. Perhaps he was taken by car. After all, Jack belonged to the Husky breed and was a really handsome man.

The young man was very bored with a shaggy comrade and worried about him. And yet he hoped that he would ever meet him.

And then one day fate presented Mike with a long-awaited gift. In the afternoon they called from a shelter for homeless animals and said that Jack was with them. Employees of the shelter removed all the information from the microchip.

The next morning, Mike, his sister, and her husband went after the dog. The guy showed employees a photo where he is captured with Jack. And the dog was immediately taken to the shirt.

The long-awaited meeting of old friends took place. Everyone who was present at the same time could not hold back the tears of joy. This heartbreaking story has moved users of social networks, and in a short time, more than two million people watched the video.

After the four-legged friend was found, Mike again felt happy and began to live a full life.

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