«So much money at 11 years»: a rich schoolgirl spent 22,000 pounds on her own birthday

The party was filled with all the bells and whistles that one could imagine.

Pixie Curtis Jacenko, an 11-year-old student, attracted general attention after she decided to close her profitable business to sell toys, which brought impressive 110,000 pounds per month.

With the help of her mother, PR expert Roxy Jacenko, Pixie founded two prosperous enterprises: Pixie’s Bows and Pixie’s Fidgets.

Thanks to these enterprises, the entrepreneurial young man received significant income, and in order to celebrate her last achievement, she spent the generous £ 22,000 on the celebration of her own birthday.

The extravagant party was filled with all the bells and whistles that you can imagine.

Pixie made sure that her guests spent an unforgettable time, hiring a DJ, a professional photographer, a personal hairdresser, and even a fire-breathing artist.

Visitors were also treated to the pizzeria, non-alcoholic cocktails, a cheerful photo booth, and fireworks. Instead of ordinary parties for parties, Pixie gave her friends bags filled with toys from her own business.

The success story of Pixie is a source of inspiration for many young entrepreneurs who seek to turn their ideas into successful enterprises.

The fact that she earned such a significant amount of money at such a young age is noteworthy.

This shows that age is just a figure and that with proper thinking and determination, everything is possible.

Pixie’s success also emphasizes the importance of parental support and leadership.

Her mother played a decisive role, helping her create her own business and providing her with the necessary resources to make it successful.

Parents can play a decisive role in raising the entrepreneurial spirit of their children, providing them with the support, leadership, and resources necessary for them to achieve success.

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