«Previously unknown details of their novel»: actress Julia Fox told why she was no longer with Kanye West

The couple initially seemed to be head over heels in love.

The world of relations with celebrities has always been a hot topic for the press and the public.

When two high-profile names in the entertainment industry are gathering together, their relationship will almost inevitably be subjected to thorough analysis, and this is what happened when Julia Fox and Kanye West began to meet in early 2022.

At first, the couple seemed to be lovers’ ears, attended social events together, and appeared in public without hesitation.

But, despite the whole pump and attention, their relationship was short-lived, abruptly bursting with Valentine’s Day.

At first, there were rumors that West was tired of Fox and found someone new, but since then Fox spoke out, insisting that it was the initiator of the gap.

In an interview with ES magazine, she explained that she began to notice the «red flags» in West’s behavior.

«He had something to work on, but I did not have enough time and energy», Fox said. Then she suggested that West has a number of unresolved problems that she simply cannot cope with.

For Fox, the decision to terminate relations was ultimately connected with her son.

The upbringing of a half-year-old child alone is quite difficult without the additional stress of complex relationships.

And although Fox and West initially liked to spend time together, their relationship quickly became something that «did not suit» Fox.

This is a familiar story for many people, regardless of whether they are celebrities or not.

Relations can begin to be strong, but over time, differences and incompatibility may begin.

It is difficult to break relations, but sometimes this is the best choice for all participants.

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