In Norway, a rare snow-white deer was seen, which seemed to appear from a fairy tale

We have the opportunity to see this miracle with our own eyes.

More recently, within the Norwegian Oslo, photographer Mads Nordsween during one of his hiking campaigns in the winter forest met a real treasure, very rare and white, like snow, deer!

Fortunately, Nordsween, as usual, took a camera with him, and now we have the opportunity to see this miracle with his own eyes.

Get to know this perfect creation of nature. Mads says: «I walked around the mountains in search of a suitable background for my photos when I suddenly came across this baby».

The deer was so white that it almost merged with the surrounding winter landscape. The photographer notes that the animal was not at all afraid of meeting with a person and even posed for these pictures close-up.

«The deer came to me very close, and we looked each other directly in the eyes».

A few minutes later, the mother of the deer came out of the thicket, and the baby, having visited Mads a little more, went to her.

«This meeting was like an episode from a fairy tale», the photographer recalls.

White northern deer carry a rare mutation, due to which they lose their pigment, which allows the animal to completely merge with the snow.

But, unlike albinos, these deer still retain pigmentation around the eyes and on the horns.

In the art of disguise, they have no equal! Real handsome! Mads Nordsveen is not the first to encounter rare animals in their natural habitat.

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