A caring man adopted a family of dogs, learning that they live in bad conditions

For several years now, the white pet has been living in his owner’s enclosure.

Once a man found a dog in his yard. She came not alone, but with pretty puppies! The white baby clearly reminded … his dog named Shadori.

The man was surprised that the dog sat most of his time in the aviary and could hardly have a «girlfriend». The owner was supposed to solve two issues at once: whether the appearance of a dog with Shadori is related and what to do with fluffy babies…

For several years now, the white pet has been living in the aviary of his master. From time to time, the dog jumped out for a walk but was always under the supervision of the owner. Therefore, the appearance of a red-haired dog that recently gave birth to babies surprised the owner of Shadori.

«Did my dog manage to start a «girlfriend» who came to his house now?» He thought, looking at the guest and her babies. Meanwhile, the dog sat down next to the aviary, as if she had known Shadori for a long time.

The dog, in turn, began to play fun with the babies, as if he were their dad!

The owner began to torment doubts, and he asked the veterinarian to make a DNA test to still find out the truth.

Hearing the verdict, the owner calmed down: his dog was not the father of the puppies of the red male! He felt that this could not be. But what about her and her offspring? The man decided to follow the mother dog and see where she lives.

The one saw plunged them into despondency: everywhere it was damp and dirty. In addition, winter was approaching, and this meant that with the onset of a cold, the crumbs could freeze.

The owner has a heart: how do puppies survive in such conditions? The place was not even suitable for an adult dog, not to mention puppies … And then he decided to take them all to him!

Especially for babies and their moms, the man built a good house to make the family where to winter! Now they were waiting for a hearty food and warm!

Well, we are very glad that the mistress of Shadori turned out to be the kindest soul and found a cozy place for the guest and her puppies!

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