Very funny scene in Thailand when there was the most reliable watchman for watermelons is found

This white beautiful cat is a reliable watchman of watermelons.

It turns out that some animals can work for their own people for free. All they need is a family where they are fed and loved.

Today we will introduce you to Thai cat.

The white cat named Perl became famous on social networks thanks to his rather evil appearance, as well as his amazing ability to use it for reliable protection of the watermelon storage of its owners.

One of his pictures became popular thanks to an interesting combination: a hilarious look and a large paw on a striped watermelon.

Today, the cat has been working as a real watchman on a large watermelon farm for its own owners for six years.

The hosts of the cat gave their pet a couple of chairs. The animal sits in them just like an ordinary person, just an amazing sight!

It’s even scary to imagine what a cat can do with thieves. His expression will necessarily scare away any attempt to steal watermelon.

It is interesting whether he also monitors the process of harvesting by people working on the farm of its owners.

Watch the video below to make sure that this cat is the best animal watchman!

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