Family adopted 15 beautiful dogs, and then curing them became a real salvation for them

They managed to cure pets and give them true love and care.

The loss of a beloved animal is considered one of the largest losses in the world. A few years ago, the family was resting in Thailand. Once they were informed that their dog died. Then he was 10 years old.

The couple was worried about farewell to his beloved pet. That is why they did not dare to start a new one. True, over time their hearts melted. As a result, Mantas and Race decided to have a new pet.

Once they went to the nursery to choose a dog. But on the way, they saw a flock of homeless dogs.

At that moment they made one decision. Taking a second dog, the couple flew to Thailand. Then they took one dog from the street, then another, and so on. Each required special care.

Now they have 15 dogs. They managed to cure pets and give them true love and care.

True love never fades away, on the contrary, it blooms and gives a new life. Love for my animal made a couple even kinder. Now they do not imagine their life without a pleasant disorder arranged by cute four-legged friends!

We wish dogs many years and happiness on a trip with their owners!

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