Cute babies of opossums are tiny creatures that have funny acting movements

When they are frightened, they pretend to be dead without moving.

Take a look at the photographs of a tiny opossum. Do you see emotions on this small face? He is happy?

Maybe he is excited or interested and is waiting for something. Perhaps the baby has not yet learned to control his own facial expressions, so he does not know how to choose it.

But in any case, this baby is simply charming, right? Tiny amazing animals are capable of tenderness and love with all their hearts.

It may seem that these little animals generally live with an expression on their face, which simply says: «Love me». Opossums are very affectionate, gentle, sweet, and sweet animals.

He is also an excellent actor: when he is scared, he pretends to be dead without moving.

However, having met a tiny opossum alone, do not immediately rush to take it to you. It is better to look around and listen. Often, the baby opossum may seem like an orphan, but in fact, his mother can be nearby.

Communication between mother and baby occurs through sounds similar to human sneezing.

Do you like an opossum? Have you ever thought about having one? These kids will never let you get bored.

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