Unique cat has additional ears as a result of a genetic mutation, and so he became famous

The kitten was born 13 years ago, which was very unusual.

This is how iodine looks today-cat with four ears. «He is simply obsessed with bread».

In 2008, he was adopted by a couple from Chicago. The owners, Ted and Valerie, immediately realized how to call a cat with an extra couple of ears.

The kitten was born 13 years ago, which was very unusual. He was born in a bar, whose owner began to offer kittens to all visitors.

Yoda was very unusual and aroused all interest. All visitors wanted to see him as close as possible.

His new owners, when they saw that the kitten had 4 earlier, did not think for a minute, and decided to take the baby to themselves.

«We called him Yoda-on reminded us of the character from Star Wars», Ted says. He adds that an additional pair of ears in a cat is the result of a genetic mutation.

«Yoda is a good, cheerful cat. Extra ears to the skull are not attached, he hears normally», the hosts emphasize, adding that their pet is really obsessed with … bread. «Yoda is very fond of bread, especially when he wants to have a bite», they say.

Today is a kitten already an adult domestic cat. As for the owners, they love their pets very much.

And they are afraid that someone wants to steal their happiness. A microchip was even put on a cat, which allows you to accurately determine the location of your pet.

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