«Roberts is fat on vacation»: the actress seems to have lost beauty from the photos taken by paparazzi

Julia Roberts has also changed the way that beauty is perceived in the media.

When the paparazzi recently photographed 54-year-old actress Julia Roberts, the audience could not help but notice her new figure.

While many were outraged by photographs, others commented on her positively, admiring her appearance and praising her for her elegant aging.

The truth is that Julia Roberts is no longer the same as she was during her cult performance in the role of Vivian Ward in «beauty».

Instead of remaining a Hollywood standard of beauty, she accepted her new figure and rethinks what it means to be attractive in modern society.

To understand the influence of its transformation, we need to look back at the standards of beauty in Hollywood over the past few decades.

In the past, beauty ideals were associated with thinness. It was expected that women would support a certain weight and size, and also look in a certain way to be considered attractive.

This social pressure often led to health problems, as many women resorted to unhealthy methods to stay thin.

The appearance of Julia Roberts as an alternative to this traditional image of the beauty of many refreshed.

Her bends, which were once considered a drawback, are now glorified, and her body has become a symbol of beauty for women of all forms and sizes.

In addition to her physical transformation, Julia Roberts also changed how beauty is perceived in the media.

She is often seen without makeup, and her hair remains natural. This challenges the idea that beauty should be achieved by unnatural means such as cosmetics or surgical intervention.

It also contributes to self-love and the adoption of the body.

Having accepted his new figure and rethinking the beauty in Hollywood, Julia Roberts became a source of inspiration for many.

It is a reminder that beauty has no age restrictions and can be of different shapes and sizes. We must take her example and learn to appreciate and accept ourselves as we are.

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