Kitten was saved, and became part of the family, and how the other cat accepted a new family membe

The only thing she feared was how her cat would accept the new pet.

In the fall, Rose picked up a homeless kitten on the street. The baby’s condition was depressing, but the veterinarians, to whom the rose turned for help, did everything possible to save the baby from faithful death.

By the will of the case of Opie, she found a new house and a new family.

The only thing Rose was afraid of was how her cat Andy will accept a new pet.

By the way, Andy was also saved several years ago. From the adult cat, one could expect everything, but something happened that no one expected.

Hearing the mournful squeak of the baby Opie, Andy, of course, went up to him.

The cat hugged the baby with his paws as if trying to calm him and cheer him up: «Do not be afraid, you are safe, you are at home, you are with us». It became clear: such friendship is forever.

From this day, Rose had more worries: for two weeks she got up every night especially in order to feed the younger kitten.

But these were pleasant troubles: having eaten up, the owner climbed onto the owner’s chest and, comfortably purring, fell asleep.

Time goes on … Rose, Andy, and Opie together. And it seems they are very happy.

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