«A million at fifteen years old»: this is how a little girl had success which surprised everyone

She managed to win the beauty contest and became a millionaire.

The story of Isabella Barrett, who at the age of fifteen managed to win the beauty contest, present her own clothing line on the catwalk, and become a millionaire.

The ascent of the young businesswoman began at the age of four. She was so carried away by the festive atmosphere of the competition that she herself wanted to participate.

In the USA, the Crowned Babies contest is regularly held, where the age of participants is from birth to nine years. Little Miss began to be regularly invited to the filming of commercials and to participate in the TV show. And, if the direct Isabella just loved to like the audience, then her parents showed an outstanding talent for financial management.

At the age of six, she became the face of the Glitzy Girl family company, producing children’s cosmetics and jewelry.

Three years later, another company was founded-Bound by Crown Couture, where clothes for young beauties were developed and produced. By the way, the girl is very serious about her duty to present her own brand.

She never allows herself to relax and is always well-groomed and beautifully dressed. Until now, Isabella’s style is mandatory styling, makeup, and heels. Despite criticism of her appearance, the haters claim that a fifteen-year-old girl looks a few years older, Isabella prefers to appear in public in a full «military» readiness as if she had to go through the catwalk. By the way, the girl has been participating in the development of collections for several years and introduces them at shows as a model.

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