«She still hid baby’s face»: 52-year-old Naomi Campbell showed rare photos of her one-year-old daughter

To this day, neither the name nor the identity of her father is known.

The fact that the supermodel has finally become a mother, she reported in May last year.

Since then, Naomi Campbell hides his daughter from prying eyes. The celebrity, according to fans and Western media, resorted to the help of a surrogate mother or adopted child.

But contrary to rumors, the legend of the catwalk said: «She is not adopted, this is my child».

Be that as it may, the star really values the girl and is in no hurry to share details about her. To this day, neither the name nor the personality of her father is known. Nevertheless, Naomi sometimes pleases fans with pictures of the heiress.

But there is one detail: according to a long tradition, she covers the face of the heiress with an emoticon.

The exact age of the girl is unknown. But, apparently, the date of birth approximately coincided with the date of the model post on replenishment.

This is evidenced by fresh pictures in which a star baby is already standing on her feet. By the way, even on the back of the head, it can be seen that she is my mother’s daughter!

It is useless to guess when the celebrity reveals it to the world: she is the first child of Naomi.

Perhaps the model wants the girl to decide whether she will live in front of the cameras. In this case, we will not see the grown copy of Campbell soon.

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