«She monitors her husband’s activities»: Jennifer Lopez supported her beloved husband, surprising fans

She decided to support him on social media by posting a series of pictures.

Now all the attention of cinema lovers is riveted to the SXSW festival, which takes place in Austin, Texas.

On Saturday, for example, Ben Affleck presented his film about basketball player Michael Jordan and the legendary Nike Air Jordan sneakers.

The main roles in the project, in addition to Affleck himself, belong to Matt Damon, Viola Davis, and Chris Tucker.

By the way, Jennifer Lopez got a small role. She, among other things, helped create outfits.

The star and her husband did not appear at the premiere of the film. But she decided to support him on social networks, publishing a series of photographs.

At the same time, Jennifer published a review from IndieWire, highlighting a quote «One of the best sports films ever shot».

Lopez also praised the A+rating, which the biographical film received from other cinemas. Internet users were touched by the singer’s act. They noted that Jennifer is noticeably proud of her husband’s work.

«Probably, they should spend 20 years apart and live apart all their lives to understanding that they were created for each other», the Internet users in the comments on the post noted.

People hope that in the following premieres, the steam will appear more often.

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