Beautiful lynx and a cute cat are very close to each other and became incredible friends for 12 years

Visitors looked into the cage with a lynx and saw an ordinary cat next to it.

The Leningrad Zoo was the most grandiose in the USSR, but now he did not give up his position. In addition, very unusual things happen in it.

To their surprise, once the visitors looked into the aviary with a trot and saw the most ordinary cat next to her. A large predatory cat made friends with the little one.

The backstory of this friendship is ordinary and unusual at the same time: in 2007, the zoo acquired a lynx kitten named Linda. It was also impossible to let her go into an adult aviary.

It was decided to place it under the supervision of zoologists in an aviary with a cat, a simple cat, a two-month, by the nickname Dusya.

The character of cats is completely different. Over the years, Linda fell in love with loneliness and independence, Dusya, on the contrary, fell in love with attention.

More and more often, Dusya began to leave Linda in her aviary. They became friends and lived in the same aviary for years.

Although these two are very different in character, they live peacefully with each other in order not to remain alone. They seem to be happy with each other’s presence.

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