«It is strange that he will not be in this area»: the famous Garou wants to end his career at 50

This news has surprised his fans who are awaiting formal confirmation.

It is reported that the famous Canadian musician Garou ends his musical career at the age of 50.

According to proven sources, the artist is tired of the current state of the musical industry and feels broken.

While Garou’s birthday is approaching in June, he no longer believes that being a singer is «fun» and lost his passion for this.

His relatives, who wished to remain unknown, said that with age, people often discover that singing no longer brings them as much joy as once.

The environment of Garou hinted that the artist may be interested in the implementation of more creative projects, but did not report any details.

This news shocked Garou fans in Quebec, who are waiting for the official confirmation of the message.

Garou is most famous for his performances in the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, and his fans are struggling to come to terms with the fact that they may no longer be able to see his living performance.

Although the news of the departure of Garou is sad for his fans, it is important to remember that everyone goes through different stages and life experiences.

Great courage is required to admit that what you once loved does not bring you joy anymore, and make a difficult decision to move on.

Garou deserves praise for his honesty and willingness to use new opportunities that really interest him.

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