For a man, this «unknown beast», which he saved and sheltered was very funny

Jeffrey took a picture of the tiny creature and posted it on the Internet.

Jeffrey Longo, a resident of Florida in the USA, walked around his native city and saw a tiny animal, curled up on the sidewalk. A creature, a little more than the index finger that Jeffrey picked up, barely breathed.

At the same time, not a single adult animal was visible nearby, so it was not clear what kind of beast was it. But it was clear that without food and water, the child would die.

Jeffrey photographed a tiny creature and posted it on the Internet. The answer came quickly: the guy picked up the cub-lehenga.

He received a funny name, Cook.

The cookie spent the first three months of her life in Jeffrey’s breast pocket, and only then he dared, began to get out in order to begin to explore the world around him.

It is interesting that the two dogs of the guy at first were very indifferent to the new inhabitant of the house: they just sniffed him and then began to play with the squirrel. He, for his part, was not at all afraid of them.

Cooks grew, grew up, and gradually Jeffrey came to the conclusion that it was time to release it. But the veterinarians, to whom he addressed on this occasion, explained to him that this is not worth it: the squirrel grown by man will not survive in the wild.

Therefore, the man left her for himself.

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