All caring and kind people made great efforts and saved a deer from the frozen lake

This story is a good example of friendliness toward an animal.

In the world of animals, we can see anything. And something good does not always happen to them. Unfortunately, due to human intervention or natural disasters, these living beings suffer greatly. All that we can do is to be with them and help them to the best of our capabilities.

This story is a good example of friendliness in relation to animals.

On the Barguzin River in Ulan-Ude, men saved a deer that fell under the ice on the lake and could not get out on his own. Men could not pass by the dying animal.

With the help of a chainsaw, the man and his friends cut the road in the ice to the shore. Then, a rope was tied to the horns of a deer, and began to drag it on land.

When the animal was on the shore, it could not even move, it was so exhausted.

The deer was in ice water for a very long time and was barely alive. Rescuers lit a fire on the shore and began to rub the animal, massaging the whole body to improve blood circulation.

Then the men took him to the veterinary clinic, where the doctors continued to restore the mobility of the animal.

After a while, the deer felt better and got to his feet. If he could speak, he would have thanked his saviors! In fact, respect these people who could not bear the suffering of a poor animal.

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