«Unrecognizable with a unique appearance»: the boy was able to lose 115 kilograms

He could only take small steps otherwise he loses his balance.

You probably remember the images of this little boy who went around the whole world.

Then, at only 10 years old, Arya Permana weighed almost 200 kg. In Indonesia, the child suffered from pathological obesity, which made him live not like a little boy of his age.

His mother, Rocky, testified at that time in DailyMail. «He can only take small steps, otherwise he will lose his balance.

He is always tired and complains about the shortness of breath. He just eats and sleeps, and when he does not deal with these matters, jumps into the bath and remains there for hours», she told the newspaper.

The mother of Arya Permana also explained that she gives her son 5 meals a day in quantities equivalent to more than two adults.

According to the mirror, he consumed 7,000 calories per day. «But I don’t even have enough money to buy him food to satisfy his appetite. Of course, I cannot leave him hungry», she said.

Even before adolescence, the doctors warned him: a little boy threatens death. Therefore, he made a sleeve to reduce his stomach and, therefore, his appetite.

Arya Permana was also supported by a bodybuilder. Ada Ray accompanied the child during his weight loss. A little Indonesian who simply dreamed of playing with friends in the pool, playing football, and riding a bicycle, lost 200 to 83 kilograms.

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