«She no longer wants to participate in shooting»: this is the reason that the actress decided so

During the last shooting, she felt that she would leave her career.

In her last word, the star said that during the filming of the last series of her film, she felt that she would be the last.

In an interview that should appear on the CBS channel on Sunday morning, the star of «The Lost City» says: «I can be creative, I can be a member of this group, but now everything should stop in front of the cameras».

Bullock says Tracy Smith that she actually does not know how long she will rest from the game, defining it only as «there, until I feel like I feel when I am next to a webcam» and what she understands, is wanting to focus on your family.

«I want to be at home», he adds. Therefore, if I say: «I just need to be at home, I will not provide any service to those who are engaged in the project».

Since I was constantly on the way, as far as I remember, I always try to find something new for myself. «All I want to do is to be present and be responsible for one thing».

Bullock has two children, named Louis and Leila, and they knew this during the filming of «The Lost City».

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