Monkey needed help and the dog turned to the police to deliver him to people

She was sure that the baby needed help that people could provide.

In the city of Reli in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, a dog was seen, on the back of which a monkey cub sat. Animals were noticed by the police to which the dog was heading.

She was sure that the baby needed the help that people could provide.

A broken collar was discovered on the dog’s neck. Therefore, the police concluded that the monkey lived with people. Then something happened that separated the baby from its owners.

Perhaps the monkey was stolen by attackers or she escaped during a walk. No one knew exactly what happened. A smart dog found a baby on the river bank.

The monkey was completely alone, people did not try to help her. The dog could not pass by. The animal put the animal on its back and went to where the monkey would be safe. The path dog was lying at the police station.

The police treated the monkey bananas, which she was happy to eat. The baby was taken to an organization that specializes in animal help. The monkey will remain there until there are its former or new owners.

Thanks to this wonderful dog, a monkey was saved. We must remember this: every life matters.

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