«They forgot about excess weight»: a purposeful couple was able to lose weight by 100 kg in just a year

To accomplish this idea, they did not subject themselves to extreme dieting.

Love made Stephanie and Brandon think about her health.

They were both obese. They have accepted it so far.

In addition, they were completely in love with each other, and nothing prevented them from developing their personal life.

It seemed that nothing could separate them until Brandon received a bad forecast. He had an apnea in a dream, because of which he could suffocate in a dream at night.

And the additional weight was the reason.

They were horrified. The couple could not have a happy ending when they were still very young. It was already difficult for them to be active. And they wanted to be parents.

Then the long-term struggle begins. The female has lost 53 kg per year, and her partner is 36.

Stefani still shines and has pleasant roundness, but now she can afford to live a full life.

To achieve the ideal, they did not subject themselves to extreme diets. In order not to strain each other, the couple decided to act carefully.

The menu was still extensive, but there were fewer portions than before.

The change was based on regularity. Not a few weeks of special nutrition, but a long healthy lifestyle.

Of course, there was a list of prohibited goods, but it managed to make up for it.

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