A kind dog in New Zealand became a donor and saved the cat’s life, donating blood

Veterinarians had to resort to canine blood transfusions.

A dog named Macy saved the life of the cat Rory, who was poisoned by rat poison and was on the verge of life and death.

On the day of the cat’s entering the clinic, all laboratories in which there was donor cat blood, unfortunately, were closed.

Veterinarians had to resort to transfusing dog blood. As a result, Rory was saved.

According to the mistress of the cat, Kim Edwards, Rory was in serious condition and could die at any time, since he arrived at the clinic with severe poisoning (it is assumed that it was rat poison).

Doctors suggested two options for the salvation of the animal: 1st-adopting the blood of another cat or the 2nd-use the blood of a dog.

Miss Edwards decided to call her friend, who had a Labrador named Macy and ask her for help. The woman without hesitation agreed.

Now a handsome red cat feels good and is recovering. «He has become an ordinary healthy and cheerful cat», says its owner.

If the cat was a cat, despite the fact that the cat’s group was not identified, Rory could die. The fact is that most cats have blood group A, but in New Zealand and Australia there are animals with group V.

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